We created the UK's first companion app that utilises audio watermarking technology to drive a unique and engaging second screen experience to UK audiences.

The app was developed to support the eagerly anticipated return of the critically acclaimed series, The Walking Dead, which continues its UK season premiere on FX UK on 17th February. The second screen experience provides audiences with a new, social and immersive way to engage with the popular TV show including: syncing the app to the show itself to predict the number of zombie kills in each episode as the action unfolds, sharing your results via Facebook/Twitter, and delving deeper into the best kills of the season by searching by character, weapon used or episode.

Series 2 of The Walking Dead has finished its broadcast run on FX UK. You can still experience the real-time 'Kill Count' functionality by using the SYNC feature with the following sample watermarked content - Please ensure that the volume is turned up on your computer and that the iPad's / iPhone's microphone is in close proximity to the outputted audio.

We'd recommend that you skip ahead to around 34 minutes into the episode as the majority of the zombie kills occur around that time.